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Effective Fly Control can sometimes be difficult to achieve and everyone’s expectations vary. When they come they come in great numbers and so Fly Control is something that must be looked at seriously.

Most fly species primarily breed outdoors in decaying material which is most likely teeming with bacteria capable of causing disease. The flies in this group include house flies, little houseflies and blowflies.

The fly's bodies are covered with hairs and bristles which always pick up dirt particles. The end of each leg has cushion type hairy structures that exude sticky secretions which enable them to climb vertical surfaces and also act to transport bacteria. Worse still, the house fly excretes and regurgitates on surfaces all around your home.

Flies regurgitate their saliva onto any potential food source. They then suck the saliva and food mixture up. The regurgitation is the main reason flies transfer salmonella (food poisoning) and gastric infections onto human food.

Considering the habits of flies and the potential for disease transmission, the presence of flies in your premises can be dangerous.