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Wood Borers are extremely small creatures and belongs to species and families of beetles whose larva and adult are fond of eating and destroying wood, causing huge financial damage to our homes and offices. The amount of damage that wood-boring beetles cause depends on many factors. The type of wood (hardwood or softwood), the moisture content of the wood and the environmental conditions at the infestation site all affect the severity of beetle damage. Larva eats and destroys timber and adults makes tiny bores or exit holes and flies out. These holes or "pin holes" are quite visible and are usually the first signs of an active infestation of wood borer. They sometimes affect plaster, plastic and soft metals. These beetles are difficult to be controlled once they are in full swing.

Produce a very fine powder/dust similar to talc or flour (wood colored)

Attack the sapwood of certain hardwood timbers

If decorative timber becomes unsightly due to borer flight holes, then treatment or replacement may be necessary

Prefer cool, humid conditions. Commonly attacks timber in sub-floors


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